Broadband: Why opt For Optical Fiber in 2021?

Sam Fadhil

More than ever, optical fiber has become an essential need. Whether you are an aficionado of teleworking, a die- hard gamer or a fan of downloads (and sending large files), you can clearly no longer be satisfied with a simple SDSL or ADSL, two technologies now obsolete. You need optical fiber, which is now becoming more popular in all inhabited areas. Contact with pakej tm unifi.

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But what is optical fiber?

Optical fiber is the most recent technology in fixed Internet access. It allows, via light, the transfer of data at very, very high speed. This data passes through a cable containing ultra-thin glass or plastic wires. Unlike ADSL for example, optical fiber requires the creation of a network just for itself, completely independent of the telephone or cable network. Only Internet data travels via fiber. Thus, while ADSL most of the time offers a speed of between 1 and 15 megabits per second, optical fiber offers a minimum of 300 Mbits per second! And if you choose your fiber offer well, you can even go up to a speed of one gigabit per second! In other words, it’s huge. With fiber, if you want to download 200 photos, taken with an 8-megapixel sensor (an entry-level phone), you will need only three seconds. A Full HD movie or a 30 GB video game? 4 minutes. And if you play online a lot, you’ll get a ping of just 2ms. No more jerks and lag!

Optical fiber, indisputable advantages

Optical fiber has many advantages, but only one disadvantage. Among the advantages:

The fiber is much more stable than ADSL and is completely insensitive to electromagnetic disturbances.

Fiber offers exceptional throughput, with data transfer up to 100 times faster than ADSL.

All members of a household can benefit from fiber optics and its power at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the Internet, on the phone, watching TV, or playing online.

The fiber carries data over very long distances without any signal variation.

And the rates are more affordable than you think!

Choose your fiber offer carefully to avoid additional costs

The only concern that arises from optical fiber is ultimately its installation. First, you need to test your eligibility on your provider’s site. You will have to enter your address so that the supplier tells you if your neighborhood has fiber and if the connection of your building or your house is possible. Don’t worry, however, most inhabited cities are covered by fiber optics. However, its installation will generate additional costs. Unless your supplier offers them to you, and in this case, go for it!

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