Taking Care Of Your Glass Walls In The Office

Sam Fadhil

Glass Walls are high-quality, top-notch, sophisticated additions to our office. They bring in color, light, shapes, and connectivity into our offices. All of which stimulates our productivity and relationships in the office. So what’s not to like about a good glass wall Malaysia has to offer or any other country has?

Ofcourse, unless it is tinted, darkened, and covered in dust because we forgot to do a little maintenance. Taking care of glass walls is crucial. They are transparent and you can detect any hint of smears or dirt on the glass. It can be an eyesore to anyone in the office, anyone passing by. When we have clients over, it is important that our office gives the majestic radiance that the glass wall intends to give. Not the dirty rough, unclean appearance that will potentially tarnish the office’s hustling environment and the client’s experience with the environment. 

So how can you make sure your high-quality glass walls are well maintained and as clean as they can be?

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Clean At Least Twice A Week 

Drywall may not need any cleaning supplies and may seem a lot more convenient, but they are much more expensive and not as creative as your glass wall. So how often should we thoroughly clean it to avoid any huge messes and smears on the glass? Experts suggest that we clean our glass wall at least twice a week. Twice a week is good enough to keep it regularly clean and maintain the posh look of the glass. 

Be Mindful Of The Methods Of Cleaning 

What kind of cleaning method are they choosing for your glass wall? There are several cleaning methods and each of them has a different purpose. Depending on the width and thickness of the glass, how you treat it also differs. The ingredients you use to clean as well as the clothing, sponge, and materials we use to clean it. Many suggest dusting our glass before cleaning with a glass cleaner and a microfiber. 

Be Mindful Of The Day And Time You Choose To Clean

Is it sunny and red hot in the office? High heat and extreme sunlight are not a good combo with the cleaning supplies. The heat can dry up any cleaning solution on the glass wall leaving smears and residue. It is important to choose a time of the day where the sun is not on the glass partition or maybe choosing early morning or night time to do the cleaning. If not, choose a cloudy beautiful rainy day for your glass wall cleaning day. 

Avoid Any Harsh Chemicals And Adhesives 

It is not a wise idea to use any chemical and strong adhesive on top of the glass. The glass must be handled with appropriate glass cleaners and sometimes DIY solutions such as vinegar solutions. However, it is better to clean our glass walls with the help of appropriate glass cleaners to clean them properly and make the glass and office smell fresh. 

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