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The Must-Have Items For New Moms

There are endless amounts of guides, self-help books, and youtube videos on the essential products we must have as new mothers. In fact, the number of mom and baby items is so enormous, the process of actually shopping is incredibly overwhelming.

Having abundant choices but unclear of what you need truly does leave us in a state of uncertainty. The uncertainty does not play well with the amount of worrying we do on a daily basis. 

Shopping is a fun experience but only if we know what we want. Being a mom for the first time ever means we have no idea what to expect. No matter how many books we read on giving birth, postpartum, or maternity, the joy of shopping is sucked out because of our own naivety to the world of motherhood.

Today, we are going to help you narrow down a list of things you will definitely need in your first month. We are not going to talk about the obvious things like the big pile of diapers but we are going to talk about the little things we often miss out on. These things are absolutely essential to our daily lives as parents and having them with you will be life-saving! 

Mama Undies 

Maybe the first thing we should probably do is stock up on our postpartum care, starting from the underwear. Giving birth is no easy ride. After birth, our vagina deserves the utmost care and comfort as we struggle through bleeding, healing, and pain. Our g-strings might not be the most helpful in these instances. What we want right after a nice stocked bag of icepacks along with witch hazel for our pads and very comfortable Mama undies. They may not be the fanciest underwear, nevertheless, they are heavenly and comfortable. 

Baby Monitors (And A Lot Of Batteries) 

We may not be right next to our baby every second of the day. Sometimes we need to leave them alone up in their rooms as they sleep soundly. Or sometimes we need to cook a little late-night dinner before they are up for their third round of feeding. Whatever it may be, our lives are a lot easier if we can carry around a baby monitor. But what do we do when the baby monitor and every other baby gadget’s got dead batteries? As we get our favorite baby gadgets, mamas need to have their supply of batteries on hand as well. 

Well Stocked Nursing Items 

Nursing pads, nursing bras, nursing clothes, creams, and hydration to assist nursing and even nursing pillows. These are all must-have branded items for your motherhood. Without the relief of the best nipple cream for breastfeeding Malaysia and an excellent nursing bra, we are bound to be super uncomfortable with our breastfeeding experiences. Breastfeeding requires an immense amount of support and aid as it is not the easiest thing in the world. It may be the world’s most natural thing but it certainly has its own challenges. But these difficulties can be overcome with the help of necessary breastfeeding and nursing products.