The Power of Signage

The Power of Signage


We see I every day in our life. Signage? We often see it inside and outside of the shopping mall and grocery store, and else as well as other places. Your property should have signage. Before you head to an interview, you have to consider if you can read the signage or not too.

Do you have the same feeling like me that why always the famous brand will have a bigger signboard advertisement compared to other business?

And, do you notice that their Signage Design is very basic, with just a few words and the latest product they launched?

Although is just a simple advertisement, the power of this is actually higher than anything else.

Although the particular brand is already well known in the market, without signboard branding, they still will be having a high profit.

One of the biggest reasons they are creating this is that they are just reminding their existent customer that they have launched a new product.

The famous brand has a firm foundation for their brand, therefore, they do not need to “purposely” re-introduce their product to the market again and again.

Don’t underestimate the power of signage, it has the power to captivate the potential customers.

There are so many types of signage we can see everywhere, such as directional signage, the business own logo etc.

If let say your business is a physical store, and your signage, which is the thing that representing your business, if your signage has that power to attract people to stop by, even just for a window shopping, that will be good enough.

Directional signage is what we usually see in the hospital, museum. Mostly this signage will be used by big businesses or government business.

Last but not least, there are still businesses who stick with their original business logo as their signage, instead of creating a new one, and most of them will most likely have their own website.

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