Social Media Taking Over The Internet

With the development of technology recently, it has changed the lifestyle of many people and shifted social norms that were once frowned upon. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world, most citizens are stuck at home with nothing to do while working citizens are either working from home with lesser salary than usual or let go by their companies. With the help of social media, citizens who are stuck at home are able to keep themselves entertained are able to request help from others when they are not able to adapt to the new lifestyle.

In this modern era of technology, social media and marketing in Malaysia goes hand-in-hand. With the current state of the world and the threat of coronavirus becoming more prevalent, many people are stuck at home and browsing through their social media platforms to pass the time, hoping that the pandemic is over soon. As they spend more time on social media, more advertisements are popping into their feeds to entice them into buying their products. Depending on what the users have searched on Google, the algorithm picks up their most recent searches and shows them advertisements based on recent activities. Because of this algorithm, every company is using the internet to advertise their products to generate more brand awareness. Think about it, why do you think that there are so many McDonald advertisements in almost every Youtube video you watch?

In some countries, they have a different approach on marketing in social media. Take Japan for example, they developed LINE and it is still the most used and popular messaging app in the country with 85% active users every day. Although it functions similarly to other messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, LINE stands out for having more uses than messaging. Apart from using animated and anime stickers, LINE monetization fan-made stickers of any kind as long as it doesn’t go against their policy. Since anime is very popular in Japan, there are a lot of fan-made stickers of popular anime series that LINE users can buy at a small price. Besides that, Japan is known to be a reserve and introverted country which results in Facebook being one of the least used social media apps in the country. Despite that, Japanese social media users would use Pixiv and Twitter to browse and post art-related content as the former is developed by Japan as well while they use Twitter to communicate and browse through content instead.

Overall, social media has different uniquenesses depending on where you live. Even though TikTok is popular around the world, most social media users hate it because of cringe-worthy and unoriginal content that can be found in it although there are some diamonds in the rough and has become popular memes throughout the internet. Although it functions similarly to Instagram, it allows more creative freedom for their users to generate content with unique features that other social media applications do not have. Nevertheless, social media platforms help to shape our community and shift social norms to help use diversify our culture.

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Forex Trading vs Cryptocurrency: Which to invest?

With the amount of coronavirus cases increasing in recent months, most people are forced to stay at home to keep themselves safe and prevent from spreading the virus even further. Most workers are either working from home or let go by their companies as they are unable to pay all of their employees’ salaries accordingly. For some employees, they are able to generate income even without working through investing into the foreign exchange market, or forex, as it allows them to invest in a stock to receive a large return which could greatly benefit them when they open an account in foreign countries. Due to the nature of forex market, most countries require traders to affiliate themselves with a legalized domestic broker to ensure that they do not invest too much into forex trading as they have a chance of losing all of their money.

FXTM is the top forex trading platform Malaysia traders rely on for their daily trading needs. In addition to offering a large variety of accounts with different benefits, FXTM also offers plenty of educational materials for beginner traders to learn more about stock trading and allow them to start a demo account to become familiarized with the process of trading. As forex trading is considered as the largest trading market in the world, traders are bound to encounter some scammers who offer promises that would entice them to open an account with them. With knowledge and fact checks, beginner traders are able to distinguish the truth from the lies and prevent from falling into their tricks. Alternatively, one could seek other forex platforms that would fit their needs that they might not be able to find in FXTM such as HotForex, AvaTrade, eToro and OctaFX. 

Recently, there is a new contender that is contesting against the forex market which is cryptocurrency. Although it works similarly to forex trading in a sense that they both require traders to invest a certain amount of money with the promise of large returns, cryptocurrency works in a more simpler way as a trader can passively accumulate currency that can be sold for a large sum of money in return. To show how valuable a bitcoin is, one bitcoin is worth RM 208,692.85. Additionally, a trader does not have to be affiliated with a company to mine bitcoins. It may sound pretty easy, but getting a bitcoin is very tedious and requires a lot of money to mine bitcoins. Cryptocurrency has garnered a bad reputation for itself due to a bitcoin company called Bitconnect scamming their investors by running away with their money. 

Overall, both forex and cryptocurrency can be dangerous for the uneducated and greedy traders as they both have a potential to ruin one’s financial standing. If you wish to invest into either one or both of these two, make sure you have someone to teach you how and where to invest while looking out for any potential scams.

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Signs That You Are Ready For A Side Hustle

You have been dreaming of doing something more than your 9-5 job. Doing the same thing over and over every day for basic minimum wage got tiring. Rent, bills, and utilities are piling up and your passion is untouched. 

But have you been more interested in the quest of earning a passive income lately? Maybe getting into the world of MLM business software or a dropshipping business. Maybe even turn your home into an Airbnb or building a small bakery? 

While interest does not indicate how ready we are, there are some signs that show that we are truly ready to embark on the world of the side hustle. 

surface 6zjrTuPax7w unsplash 683x1024 - Signs That You Are Ready For A Side Hustle
  • You  Are Very Well-Researched About it 

So did your reading list suddenly take a shift from the top romance or sci-fi genre to entrepreneurship, start-ups, and e-commerce models? 

You know what every great entrepreneur has to say about the business world and you have quite a bit of understanding about marketing in the current era and time. You understand the importance of your target audience, your business objectives, your resources, and the risk involving each business model. You also understand that the drive to your business is only your motivation.  

Now having all the knowledge, isn’t it about time you take your first very well-planned dive into the world of side hustles and start-ups? 

  • You Have Been Talking About It To Your Family And Friends Lately 

Do your friends know how much you want to start up a little something of your own outside of your 9-5 job. Then that is your greatest sign. If all your friends hear is about your desire to potentially pursue a passive income, then you know you need to make it come true. Actions speak louder than words and it is about time you live up to your own words and tales of side hustle dreams. 

  • Your Career Feels Boring 

Take a good look at your career? Do you feel like this is right for you? Are you interested in pursuing it for a longer period of time. Or this career a dead-end for you? 

If your career does not engage you and keeps you motivated, then it clearly lacks bedazzling factors for you. If you feel like even a promotion or learning a new job scope skill won’t cut it, then maybe it is your time to take a step into the side hustle world. 

  • You Want To Do Something About Your Passion 

We have a lot of hobbies. Some knit. Some make soy candles. Others get involved in making high-end tech inventions in our basement. Any of these could see the world of success with a serious side hustle of your own. 

A 9-5 job may have taken your passion to a corner and hasn’t been dusted off for a very long time. But if you are ready to fine-tune your skills and develop your passion, a side business can help you on the go. Everyone starts small. We don’t have the next big thing ready on our hands when we start the business. Our passion simply could be traveling and finding independence. Have you figured out how to achieve that through your side hustle? Maybe your passion is making unique homemade gifts and is looking to combine your years of skills in marketing or years of expertise in manufacturing to make this a booming business. 

Even if it is our passion, every day won’t be a profitable day. The world may not view the product the way you do instantly. It takes a certain amount of brand storytelling to get your passion to people who you target to. 

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Why Choose An Online Lender for Your Housing Loan

Are you planning to buy a property in Batu Caves? Well, this is really a good idea, especially if this property is for a business as Batu Caves for one, is an attraction in Malaysia that is always swarmed with people from all over the globe. 

00FI Main Entrance Featured - Why Choose  An Online Lender for Your Housing Loan

Are you ready with your money or you need to apply for a housing loan? If you are, you can already find a lender online these days and even process your loan online as well. Yes and this should be more convenient as even if you are just in your own home, you can start the process so that you cna then start the process of buying the property you want near Ara Damansara condo

Yes, and the good news is there are now more online lenders. So, why are online lenders more beneficial? If this is the first time for you to apply for a  housing loan and you are having doubts if you will do it online, then these enumerated benefits should help you decide:

  • You will be provided with 100% online security. That is the usual situation with online lenders. Their clients will be of utmost importance to them thus they will make sure that they will be protected and at the same time, they will also make sure that they will have peace of mind. 
  • The best benefit when you apply online is convenience. You need not wait for a long line just to be attended; you need not skip your work just so you can apply while the shop is open as everything can be done in the convenience of your own home. Everything will be easy and just at the tip of your finger. 
  • For sure you know that if you will apply in some of the lending shops in your area, you need to fill up many documents that can really consumer so much of your time. In the online application though, you application will be processed in just five minutes and there is even a chance of you to get the money the same day or the next day at the latest. 
  • You will right away know if you are denied or approved I just a matter of second. Online lenders very well know that competition is stiff in their business thus they will see to it that every client of theirs will be provided with the best service. They understand that time is valuable for everyone and they respect that so they will not let you wait for something that might not be fruitful like when you will be denied of your application.

Yes, with the technology we have these days, there is really no need for you anymore to wait for a long line. Even for a housing loan application, you can already do it in the convenience of your own home. You just need to make sure that you will carefully choose the online lender. 

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