Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 2

In my last article, I gave you a few tips on how to introduce sex to your kids. Today, I’ll be continuing with my tips. Be sure to check out Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 1 right here. Also, don’t forget to browse through Secret Cherry’s selection of sex toys to spice up your marriage right here:

Let’s Your Children Know You have Sex

Alright, let me explain this before you get grossed out. You don’t need to let your kids see you have sex, they just need to be aware that mommy and daddy have sex. You could start with being intimate with your partner in front of your kids. Small things like touching, kissing and make-out sessions are fine. Everything else should be done in the privacy of your rooms. Tell your kids that you need alone time or that they should be in their rooms by a certain time. This gives them a practical idea of what sex is and gives a general direction of where these things go. By the time they are grown enough to have sex themselves, they will have a good grasp of what sex is. This also allows them to know that sex is something that is regular and normal among couples. It teaches them that marriage is not the end of sex. 

Don’t Avoid Questions About Sex

Okay, now that you have made the presence of sex known to your kids, it’s time to answer the questions. Humans are beings filled with curiosity, kids more so than adults. So don’t be surprised when you get bombarded by questions regarding sex from your kids. So what do you do? Well, there’s only one thing to do, and that is to answer them. Be honest, but also modest at the same time. There’s no need to scare them with the gory details. 

Talk about sex, puberty and embracing one’s sexuality like it’s a normal issue. This will help children realize that sex is not a taboo topic and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. This will also allow children to be brave enough to come to you should they have any questions. By keeping it natural, you will be able to give the impression that everything is normal, which in hindsight, it is. 

Talk About The Dangers Of Sex

Now, that your kids have a good grasp of what sex is and how sex works, it’s time to face the dark side of sex. I’m talking about the dangers that one may face when having sex. Probably the most obvious danger is pregnancy. Now, I’m not saying getting pregnant is bad, but I’m pretty sure no parent wants their children to be pregnant at the age of 14. You must inform your children that having sex is what leads to pregnancy and that they should avoid having sex until they are ready or they should opt to use protection.

pexels anna shvets 5217964 683x1024 - Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 2

Another topic you must talk about is STIs, also known as sexually transmitted infections. And I personally feel that this is a topic that must be addressed because the reality is that even adults are not protected in this manner. Many tend to have sex without protection thinking that it only prevents pregnancy. The reality is that condoms prevent STIs too, not just pregnancy. By teaching your kids about proper protection, they will be able to shield themselves from the impending pain should they catch an STI. 

Benefits of online job searching

Working is an important element in people’s life. It is important as at some point people need to work to get an income. They are required to take care of themselves and the people around them. Moreover, people seek jobs that they are passionate about and also jobs that are related to their educational background. The job searching journey starts for students during their internship. Even though internships are for students, they will get the experience of searching for a job and attending interviews. Job searching becomes easier nowadays with many online platforms created for people to search for jobs. This article will explain the benefits of searching for jobs online. 

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As a first benefit, searching for jobs online will allow you to apply for a job easily. This is due to the flexibility of online platforms created for job searching. In those days, you may know the company but contacting them is far harder. Moreover, you have to wait for emails to get your approval for jobs. Nowadays, you can simply apply for a job with features available online. For example, on LinkedIn, you can find a feature called Easy apply. You can apply for that job by simply submitting your resume and basic information. You will hear from them through Linkedin messages or emails if you are selected. It is important for your resume to be high in quality so that the company can recruit you.

It is much easier for you to find jobs and companies that are related to your educational background. If you are familiar with job searching platforms, you can simply filter out other jobs by specifying the type of jobs you need and jobs that are related to your educational background. Once you specify the type of jobs you want, the platforms will recommend jobs from companies. You can apply for that job as the contact details will be given on the platforms. On some job searching websites, you can send your resume on the website itself as it works as the middle person between the company and yourself. 

The recruiting websites not only benefit the job seekers but also the companies or recruiters. One of the advantages of using websites to hire people is you can quickly choose the candidates with just a look at resumes. This is because job searching websites allow them to upload their resumes and basic information on the platform. With the information, you can choose the candidates that meet your expectation. It saves a lot of time.

Job searching websites allow you to have many candidates applying for the job. You can have many candidates to find the best one out of them. Having fewer candidates will force you to choose fewer candidates. This is more useful for small companies as people can easily find out about your company through job-seeking platforms. You will have the opportunity to hire more than one candidate that suits your requirements. Finally, you can complete your online interview session quickly with the help of the internet. If you are looking for good quality internet, you can look more at Unifi broadband plans in Malaysia.

Self-care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and crucial time when mothers need to take care of themselves so that they can take care of their well-being. They have to consider everything they do for their baby and need to think about how it is going to affect the baby. Apart from that, mothers need to take care of themselves so that they can have a safe delivery. They need to be healthy and happy all the time. They are many things pregnant mothers can do during pregnancy to take care of themselves. If you are a pregnant mother, this article is for you.

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As a self-care routine, pregnant mothers can take care of their skin and can concentrate on skincare routines. Consuming healthy food helps their skin to glow naturally. However, some skincare routines can help them to concentrate on their face and help them to pass the time. They can have ‘me’ time for themselves which is very important. It is important to take note that what kind of products you are using during this time. This is because certain smells or chemicals do not suit pregnant women. It is always better to buy things that are suitable for pregnant women. 

When people talk about self-care routine for pregnant women, it is often connected with physical health such as consuming healthy food and exercising which is very much important for them. However, being pregnant, especially for the first time can make them think through about a lot of things. As mentioned before, they need to live for themselves and the baby while they are pregnant. The pre-planning and the planning after the baby’s birth can make mothers tired. They may go through a lot mentally. Mental health is as equally important as physical health and it should not be overlooked by people. Hence, as part of your self-care routine, you can involve in your favourite activities that do not require much of your energy. You can also ask for help if you need one.

After mental health, you can take care of yourself physically. Even if you do exercise and eat healthy food on time, you can still have some pregnancy pain in your legs or anywhere on your body due to constantly moving around with a baby in your belly. You may feel like you want to lie down all the time. But you may not able to sleep or lie down if there is movement inside your belly. You may need good massages or suitable movements in your body to ease the pain. It is advisable to get a medical professional’s suggestion if you want to do something. To make it easier, you can visit physiotherapists. Physiotherapists help to deal with movements and muscle-related issues. You can look for a pre-natal physiotherapy program in Malaysia.

Lastly, do some shopping. You can buy plenty of maternity clothes according to your preference and comfort. Maternity clothes can be bought online and in shops where you can choose wherever you want. Shopping will make you happy while buying many things for you.

Top Historical Sites In Malaysia

Malaysia - Top Historical Sites In Malaysia

Malaysia. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Malaysia? Coconut? Tropical Islands? Spicy food? Hold on my friend. You’re not wrong because you’re certainly correct. Other than that, Malaysia is a truly diverse country. Next, Malaysia has a rich and colorful lifestyle. If you don’t know, Malaysia sits among the SoutheastAsian countries. Just beside Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand. The most widely known about Malaysia is its Malaysian hospitality. Beside that, Malaysia is also rich in their history. Just because the country seems small doesn’t mean that they don’t have history. Malaysia is full of interesting history. Let’s explore Malaysian historical sites to learn more about Malaysia.

malaccaroyalpalace - Top Historical Sites In Malaysia

Malacca Sultanate Palace

First and foremost, the iconic Malacca Sultanate Palace. On the north of the historical city of Malacca lies the triumphant Malacca Sultanate Palace. This palace is an imitation of the historic Malay Kingdom of Sultan Mansur Shah. In addition, it was the most complex royal palace ever built in the 15th century. Beside that, the building was said to be constructed entirely with carved wooden pillars without nails. To add, the palace consists of seven-storey constructions. Moreover, tourists could explore many artefacts in Malacca Cultural Museum. Showcasing the culture and lifestyle of the old times. There are other attractions awaiting tourists uphill. This palace is located in Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday. Opening from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Bukit China

Secondly, Bukit China or China hill is a remarkable historical site. This hillside historic site is the burial ground for 20, 000 ancient Chinese of Malacca. This place is a park with serene scenery and wild woods. Aside from that, the locals visit this hill for walks and exercises. There are two other significant sites in this area. There are Perigi Raja and Admiral Zheng He’s Seven Dragon Well. Perigi Raja is a well constructed by Sultan Mansur Shah for his consort Hang Li Po. Next, It is believed to be the oldest well in Malacca and the whole Malaysia. The well is known to have survived severe drought. Admiral Zheng He’ is a voyager from China. His men dug the Seven Dragon Well during his voyage journeys. The place is open 24/7. Furthermore, the site is free.  

Kampung Kling Mosque

Thirdly, Kampung Kling Mosque is another magnificent historical site. It is one of the oldest mosques in the country. Kampung Kling Mosque was found by Indian traders. Courteously referred to as Klings. Firstly, the mosque was built with wood. Then, the mosque is rebuilt by using bricks. Further, the mosque is located on Goldsmith-street. This is because of the coexistence between temples and mosques. The mosque architecture is a blend of Chinese, Indian,  Malay, and Arabic. In addition, the mosque has a triple-tiered green pyramid-like structure. The writing and writings inside illustrates the influence of Chinese and Indian-Muslim influence. Tourists can  get help from guides to enter this historical site.  This site is located on Jalan Tukang Emas, Melaka 75200, Malaysia. The best time to visit is in the morning and afternoon. Worry not! It’s free entry.

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