Signs That You Are Ready For A Side Hustle

You have been dreaming of doing something more than your 9-5 job. Doing the same thing over and over every day for basic minimum wage got tiring. Rent, bills, and utilities are piling up and your passion is untouched. 

But have you been more interested in the quest of earning a passive income lately? Maybe getting into the world of MLM business software or a dropshipping business. Maybe even turn your home into an Airbnb or building a small bakery? 

While interest does not indicate how ready we are, there are some signs that show that we are truly ready to embark on the world of the side hustle. 

surface 6zjrTuPax7w unsplash 683x1024 - Signs That You Are Ready For A Side Hustle
  • You  Are Very Well-Researched About it 

So did your reading list suddenly take a shift from the top romance or sci-fi genre to entrepreneurship, start-ups, and e-commerce models? 

You know what every great entrepreneur has to say about the business world and you have quite a bit of understanding about marketing in the current era and time. You understand the importance of your target audience, your business objectives, your resources, and the risk involving each business model. You also understand that the drive to your business is only your motivation.  

Now having all the knowledge, isn’t it about time you take your first very well-planned dive into the world of side hustles and start-ups? 

  • You Have Been Talking About It To Your Family And Friends Lately 

Do your friends know how much you want to start up a little something of your own outside of your 9-5 job. Then that is your greatest sign. If all your friends hear is about your desire to potentially pursue a passive income, then you know you need to make it come true. Actions speak louder than words and it is about time you live up to your own words and tales of side hustle dreams. 

  • Your Career Feels Boring 

Take a good look at your career? Do you feel like this is right for you? Are you interested in pursuing it for a longer period of time. Or this career a dead-end for you? 

If your career does not engage you and keeps you motivated, then it clearly lacks bedazzling factors for you. If you feel like even a promotion or learning a new job scope skill won’t cut it, then maybe it is your time to take a step into the side hustle world. 

  • You Want To Do Something About Your Passion 

We have a lot of hobbies. Some knit. Some make soy candles. Others get involved in making high-end tech inventions in our basement. Any of these could see the world of success with a serious side hustle of your own. 

A 9-5 job may have taken your passion to a corner and hasn’t been dusted off for a very long time. But if you are ready to fine-tune your skills and develop your passion, a side business can help you on the go. Everyone starts small. We don’t have the next big thing ready on our hands when we start the business. Our passion simply could be traveling and finding independence. Have you figured out how to achieve that through your side hustle? Maybe your passion is making unique homemade gifts and is looking to combine your years of skills in marketing or years of expertise in manufacturing to make this a booming business. 

Even if it is our passion, every day won’t be a profitable day. The world may not view the product the way you do instantly. It takes a certain amount of brand storytelling to get your passion to people who you target to. 

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Why Choose An Online Lender for Your Housing Loan

Are you planning to buy a property in Batu Caves? Well, this is really a good idea, especially if this property is for a business as Batu Caves for one, is an attraction in Malaysia that is always swarmed with people from all over the globe. 

00FI Main Entrance Featured - Why Choose  An Online Lender for Your Housing Loan

Are you ready with your money or you need to apply for a housing loan? If you are, you can already find a lender online these days and even process your loan online as well. Yes and this should be more convenient as even if you are just in your own home, you can start the process so that you cna then start the process of buying the property you want near Ara Damansara condo

Yes, and the good news is there are now more online lenders. So, why are online lenders more beneficial? If this is the first time for you to apply for a  housing loan and you are having doubts if you will do it online, then these enumerated benefits should help you decide:

  • You will be provided with 100% online security. That is the usual situation with online lenders. Their clients will be of utmost importance to them thus they will make sure that they will be protected and at the same time, they will also make sure that they will have peace of mind. 
  • The best benefit when you apply online is convenience. You need not wait for a long line just to be attended; you need not skip your work just so you can apply while the shop is open as everything can be done in the convenience of your own home. Everything will be easy and just at the tip of your finger. 
  • For sure you know that if you will apply in some of the lending shops in your area, you need to fill up many documents that can really consumer so much of your time. In the online application though, you application will be processed in just five minutes and there is even a chance of you to get the money the same day or the next day at the latest. 
  • You will right away know if you are denied or approved I just a matter of second. Online lenders very well know that competition is stiff in their business thus they will see to it that every client of theirs will be provided with the best service. They understand that time is valuable for everyone and they respect that so they will not let you wait for something that might not be fruitful like when you will be denied of your application.

Yes, with the technology we have these days, there is really no need for you anymore to wait for a long line. Even for a housing loan application, you can already do it in the convenience of your own home. You just need to make sure that you will carefully choose the online lender. 

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Say Yes In Malaysia

About to get married and looking for the perfect place? If you have a lot of time, then why not go to a place that is really romantic and at the same time, also relaxing? Yes, the world is too wide and there are so many countries out there that are really full of gems but are not discovered yet. One of them is Malaysia. Have you heard about this place already or is this the first time you heard about this awesome country? If so, then you should take this chance and get to know this country with almost endless bounties. That is right, you will really be very busy exploring these treasures for sure. Well, not all of them are already exposed though but still you will never get enough of the bounties as well as the refreshing gifts of nature in which Malaysia is known for. 

msia - Say Yes In Malaysia

Here are some of the best reasons why Malaysia is the best place to say yes:

  • Aside from their already enthralling beaches, they still have a lot to offer and one of them is their stunning resorts. If you will just take the time to check even just through pictures the resorts you will find in this part of the world, there is no doubt you will arrange to have your wedding there at once. 
  • You will be able to enjoy some all-inclusive packages for the best malay wedding that are offered by some travel and tour agencies. You only have to search online as there are already a number of them. Just make sure that you will end up with a legit one. 
  • When one is wed, for sure they will look for picturesque sceneries as background of their wedding pictures. In Malaysia, you don’t need to look hard as they are overflowing with them. In fact, this is just like an understatement already. 
  • This is the time where you can be unique though of course, it is still possible to be conventional in Malaysia. But then again, if you want something that is unique, that is also quite possible in this beautiful country. 
  • This will be like hitting two birds in a single stone. You will not only spend your wedding in Malaysia, but you can also spend your honeymoon here. This is surely one of the most romantic places where you can have memories worth immortalizing. There is no need to move for your honeymoon. 
  • You will have so many things to explore and now, it will be more exciting because you will be doing it with the love of your life. You will have so many exotic places to visit as well. Indeed Malaysia offers a time of your life. 

So, for your once in a lifetime wedding, spend it in Malaysia. This place as it seems is really designed for romantic escapades. And since this is still a developing country, life here is not that expensive yet. You will never have an empty pocket after a time in this part of Asia. 

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Why A Student Needs To Have Their Own Online Portfolio

After finishing your studies at college or any university, you will go out there and find your dream job to be hired. As we all know, the recent pandemic covid-19 has made job seekers going through a lot of hardship while finding their dream job. In helping you seek your dream job out there, an online portfolio will be helping you in getting you to be hired by your dream job. Actually, there are a lot of people who still think this is a small matter. You need to prepare a lot of things before actually finding your dream job. You need to provide an online portfolio to the company you are going to the interview with because you can tell almost everything about you there. There are a lot of advantages to building your own online portfolio. As has been mentioned just now, an online portfolio helps the company know you more than what you put in your resume. From developing your own digital portfolio, you can learn something new from there and maybe if you are lucky enough, you can win web design awards Malaysia in the future. You can also be listed into top 5 web design companies malaysia or top 10 web design companies malaysia if you are lucky enough.

Here are some of the benefits in building your own online portfolio. 

photo of designer creating a website 1024x684 - Why A Student Needs To Have Their Own Online Portfolio
  1. A place to keep your works. 

Asides from keeping all of your works in your laptop hard disk or in the online drive, you also keep all of your works in your online portfolio. Besides making the online portfolio is one of the places to keep all of your past work, you also can see your growth and progress while looking into your own online portfolio. That is why an online portfolio seems to be one of the best places to keep your works because not only is it a repository of all your past work, you also get to see your own growth in the meantime. Every single time you open it, you will always see all of your pass work. You also can compare your past work with the latest one. It surely make the company you want to interview with see something in you. 

  1. You can tell almost everything in the online portfolio

As has been mentioned up there, there no limitation in putting anything in your online portfolio. The resume also has the limitation where you just need to put the important things only on it but it not the case for the online portfolio. You can put almost everything you need to put in order to make the company you applied to work for will take you in. You also have read just now, the online portfolio can be a places for you to store all of your past work. That is why the online portfolio is the best things for you to give to the company you want to applied for asides the usual resume. 

Last but not least, there are a lot another benefits for you and the company if you working on developing your own digital portfolio. It also show to the people that you can make something unusual from anyone else. So, always try to make something else and put all of your effort in making one. 

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Reduce the use of manpower in your factory

Everyone who has a business wants to grow their business. When the business is big enough, it will need a lot of use of manpower in place to meet the quota either for production or in the management of the company itself. In that matter, some of the companies out there abuse their workers with the overload of work or did not pay them for their work. For right now you, our country is moving towards industry 4.0, all the factories also should be moving on from the old industry style to the newest and latest industry style which is industry 4.0. If you are one of the business owners, you also should be reducing the use of human labor in your companies and factories and replace them with the latest and up to date machines and robots that will help you in the production of your products. The manufacturers also have been working on making artificial intelligence (A.I)Is that comparable with a human? That is why you can see there a lot of industrial automation company Malaysia working on producing high-quality machines in place to help the industry. 

fsf - Reduce the use of manpower in your factory

Why should you change from using the manpower to using machines in your production area? There are a lot of reasons for it. First and foremost is you will be the first one who shows others that you can make a lot more and better product while using the machines and minimize the defects in your products. You can complete your product at double speed than using manpower. You also can make a better profit from it without abusing your worker. Your existing worker can work in a better environment without anyone stressing them. Using the machines will make the production move at a fast pace because the machine won’t need to rest. The next reason is the business owner out there still hesitates in changing their system in the production area from totally using the manpower to start using the machines because they thought it will cost more than hiring the person in their company. Actually, they are wrong because if you are going to purchase machines to be used in your production area, you actually have saved a lot more than you have to pay your workers’ salaries every month. There are a lot of business owners out there who did not realize this matter. They can save more by using machines rather than using manpower. 

Actually, there are a lot more reasons behind it. You as the business owner should change your system and reduce the use of manpower in your factories and company. You also can be an example for another company that has been abusing their worker. You can find a lot of news out there about the employers who did not pay their workers or they paid less than was mentioned in the offer letter. You should be the one who shows us that you can get a lot more things and benefits by changing from using the manpower to using the machines and robots to help with your production. 

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The Evolution of Mobile Development in Malaysia

The changes and transformations of devices and technologies have not stopped since it started, and day by day, the inventors and creators have never failed to give more and more advantages and benefits implemented in these inventions. These devices became our necessities, and we could not stop upgrading our devices, apart from the urge to buy because we are mainly consumers but also because we could not resist the temptation of knowing about the new upgrades, the new advantages and the new benefits. This evolution has become an unstoppable process, especially in mobile development. But what does mobile development give to consumers in Malaysia? 

Mobile development cannot be created by anyone, it needs someone with experience, expertise and with qualifications. This is because the foundation of building the app has to be strong and can be used in any devices such as Android and IOS users. Therefore, this is one of the advantages of good mobile development which is a mobile application that can work for 2 system. The reason why it is very crucial to have a person with skills in this matter. It is hard to say the percentage of people using Android and IOS users, some are using both. Thus, for a business to be able to broaden its target market, the mobile development needed, has to work for both networks. If you would like to know more, check us out at mobile development Malaysia.

Mobile App developers - The Evolution of Mobile Development in Malaysia

The next advantage that you can get from mobile development in Malaysia is, some of the mobile developers in Malaysia have added skills and good in customizing user experience and user interface in mobile application development. This can give consumers a whole new level of experience during the time they utilize the mobile application. For an example of customizing mobile development such as the consumers’ behaviours seem to stay longer with specific colours, or functions. Another example like, having a customized bot to communicate with consumers during non-working hours. 

Lastly, every mobile development is always a good one if it can maintain the consumers’ loyalty and making sure that they come back. Therefore mobile development cannot just be about business. Consumers like having an engagement. Maybe we can have an additional section for community talk where the consumer can have discussions with other consumers. The more engagement they have with the mobile application, the more attached they are to it. There has to be an understanding between the mobile application with the consumer, therefore create a stable connection between it.

To conclude, even though it seems that mobile development is no longer a new thing, but from now until 5 years to come, it will be a demand for hiring. This is to help our economy as well. But the skills needed for mobile development will continue to shift and require more and more skills and eventually, ideas and problem-solving as well. Investing in mobile development can be a bit pricey, but with a reasonable decision and a good background check for the past projects and portfolios on the mobile developer, a good mobile application can be invented. 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consume Vegetables

Vegetables have always been something that needs to be forced on most people. Ever since we were children, our parents or any adults around us would always ask us to eat vegetables, or sometimes they would put it on our plate, and we would try so hard to not have it or eat it. We never understood the importance of getting vegetables in our bodies. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the reasons why we should all consume vegetables. Maybe after that, we would all start to like it and gets it from the market.

Well, the first reason, is vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Naturally, we would get vitamins, from sunlight. Regardless, sunlight that provides vitamins to our skins, is only from 7 to 11 in the morning. How do we get more vitamins if we were to wake up late? Or we couldn’t go out of the house, especially during this Control Movement Order due to the global pandemic? Thus, the existence of vegetables will help us in that matter to supply us with the vitamins that our body needs.

The following reason why you should consume vegetables is they would protect from any disease, especially cancer. Some of the diseases you might be getting are diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and also cancer. By adding vegetables into your diet, you are able to prevent yourself from getting any dangerous diseases. The vegetables that might be useful to prevent this are cabbage, broccoli, collards, and watercress. These vegetables have been certified for being able to help prevent cancer. Thus, by consuming vegetables you have a lot more advantages than people who do not consume vegetables. Not to mention, that it is to help your body to function well especially once you are turning older.

should i force my kids to eat vegetables lead - 3 Reasons Why You Should Consume Vegetables

   Last but not least, vegetables give the same amount of nutrition when it is fresh, canned, or even frozen, which is very convenient. Vegetables are not like other foods, it can be fried, steamed, or you could just have it like that straight away and it would still taste nice. But even if you do not like to have it just like that, you could do the interesting part of consuming vegetables, by making smoothies. Smoothies are made by people based on their desired taste. If you like it sweet or sweet, you could add up ingredients that could build the taste of the smoothie. You can also mix fresh local vegetables online Malaysia with some fruits as well.

   In conclusion, we can never deny the advantages of what vegetables have especially for us. There too many benefits and the amount of nutritious they have is amazing. Those who do not like vegetables, and would never want to touch the vegetables are the people who let go of the opportunity of becoming healthy. When we are older, these nutrients will be helping us with our bones, our energy, and our memories. Therefore, let us all start and living healthily. 

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The Many Perks of Getting a Property

Benefits Of Getting A Property

Getting a property sure is something exciting. A new place for you to live, or a new tool for you to make money. You’re the one who’s going to decide what happens with your property. We just know one thing; and that is you’re going to benefit from it no matter what.

If you’re still hesitating whether to get a property or not, here are some reasons that could help you make that decision. Read through the whole article to find out.

Why You Should Get A Property

  • Getting a property is a good investment. It is a win-win situation no matter what. If you decide to get a property, you have the option to turn it into a business, like having it rented or turning it into a shop. You’d be able to make money out of it. You could also just stick around and live in it, and then selling it after a while where you can make a greater deal out of it. There’s no losing when buying a property.
  • You can hold your head up high when you get your own property. Not everyone gets to buy their own property. It needs hard work and patience, which is why it is considered a great achievement. You have the right to be proud with the hard work you went through just to get such property.

Now, if you ever have a hard time deciding where to live, you can always go for Malaysia. We all know that Malaysia is such a great place to live with its people and culture. Aside from that, there are plenty locations in Malaysia that offers great property, such as Batu Caves. There is currently available condo for sale Petaling Jaya, condo for rent KLCC, and apartment for sale Bangsar

How to Finish College Successfully

Are you almost graduating from your university?

School is, in fact, a difficult time. It’s anything but a stroll in the recreation center simply like center school where you don’t generally need to pressure yourself. In school, you get the chance to experience how this present reality functions.

31f1337a72430072feea231ea86a45e8 pair of valley school seniors earn national recognition while  2048 1281 1024x641 - How to Finish College Successfully

In this way, read through the entire article for we have a few hints that may have the option to help you in school and get a great future.

Tips On Graduating From College With Flying Colours

  • Get to know the grounds. Become more acquainted with your teachers. Become more acquainted with the various foundations. You need to realize these things like the rear of your hand. You must be very much aware of the college you’d spend your school a long time in. All things considered, it will be your home for the following barely any years. In this way, don’t pass up a great opportunity the main seven day stretch of classes since it will be the direction week which implies all that you have to think about the grounds will be given to you. In this way, it is essential to be there and not pass up anything.
  • You need to take notes for each class you take. Try not to underestimate any minor subject, since one ruin, even on a minor subject would extraordinarily influence your GPA and your future. So, it is ideal to consistently be set up during tests, exercises, and recitations. The notes you take during the classes will help you for sure. Without those notes, you’ll definitely make some hard memories reading for the finals.
  • Then, something else you should concentrate on is dealing with your time well. You must have the option to set aside a few minutes for everything. You have to make satisfying each duty you have as an understudy. You need to be on schedule for everything. Any missed undertaking or cutoff time can influence your evaluation. You need to have the option to get each credit you must remain on top. In this way, ensure you have a space for everything. Time the board is one of the keys to progress.

The tips referenced above can help you no doubt. Along these lines, make a point to consider tailing them on the off chance that you need to complete and get your hands on that astounding confirmation. When you experience achievement, you’ll clearly be content with all the missed gatherings. You’ll be glad that you decided to follow these tips.

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For more tips, take a look at this video!

On the off chance that you need to be simply the manager of your own, having the option to have control of your time, at that point it is ideal to pay attention to school. Ensured, when you see the consequences of not going out celebrating throughout the night, and rather doing your home works and examining your exercises, you will most likely be cheerful and fruitful later on. When you’re looking through the diploma courses list, ensure you choose the right course for you!

5 Tren SEO 2020

Kini, makin banyak bisnes-bisnes baru yang muncul, semakin tinggi persaingan untuk mendapatkan perhatian para pembaca. Untuk memastikan laman web kita berada di bahagian teratas, kita patut mengikuti trend-trend SEO yang paling terkini supaya dapat pastikan laman web kita memenuhi syarat-syarat yang di perlu untuk enjin carian memberi ranking yang tinggi!

Google sentiasa menukar algoritma mereka setiap tahun. Walaupun kebanyakan tukaran adalah minor dan kecil tetapi ia mungkin akan memberi kesan kepada ranking carian kita. Jadi ini adalah beberapa trend SEO yang dijangkakan pada tahun 2020 ini.

1. Carian Suara: Pengguna mencari melalui cara sebutan mereka.

1 q06v9vHIYFOiT8hJTD3s6Q 1024x576 - 5 Tren SEO 2020

“ Google, dimana kedai nasi ayam yang terdekat?”

Menurut suatu kajian pada tahun 2017, terdapat 33 juta pertanyaan suara. Data pada Mac 2019 pula telah menunjukan bahawa 20% pertanyaan melalui mobil pintar adalah melalui pertanyaan suara.

Disebabkan pertanyaan suara makin popular, pengguna akan menaip persoalan mereka seperti mana mereka bercakap dalam alam nyata.

Anda perasaan ke tidak yang kebanyakan pertanyaan carian adalah panjang dan sangat spesifik? Ini menunjukkan bahawa pengguna ingin jawapan yang tepat pada soalan mereka.

Senarai berbulet juga akan dapat meningkatkan peluang untuk laman web kita mendapat ranking yang tinggi dalam segi menjawab pertanyaan suara dan kebanyakan pertanyaan melalui suara adalah daripada orang tempatan kita sendiri. Jadi, anda patut mengoptimumkan laman web anda untuk memenuhi kehendak pengguna tempatan kita ini.

2. Snipet-snipet Khas akan sentiasa dipaparkan dalam keputusan carian enjin.

people also ask 1 1024x340 1024x340 - 5 Tren SEO 2020

Snipet khas adalah suatu rumusan ataupun ringkasan untuk jawapan yang dicarikan oleh pengguna. Google akan memaparkan snipet khas tersebut diatas keputusan SERP, atas periklanan bayar dan periklanan organik.

Snipet khas telah menyebabkan perubahan amat ketara kepada keputusan carian enjin Google sejak dulu lagi. Hampir separuh keputusan carian enjin adalah nombor klik kerana pengguna akan mendapat jawapan yang dicarkan terus di SERPs. Lebih lagi, terdapat suatu kajian Ahref atas dua juta snipet-snipet khas menyatakan bahawa snipet khas akan menghasilkan lebih banyak trafik laman web daripada laman web pertama yang dipaparkan secara organik di keputusan enjin carian.

Jadi, anda patut pilih ke arah pertanyaan yang berdasarkan soalan dan kata kunci. Guna soalan-soalan yang sering ditanyakan di seksyen “people also ask” kerana ia memberi lebih banyak maklumat yang berkaitan dengan soalan ditanyakan oleh pengguna.

3. Pemasar akan meningkatkan kegunaan Influencer untuk SEO

influencer marketing 1520x800 1024x539 - 5 Tren SEO 2020

17% bisnes-bisnes akan mengguna hampir separuh budget pemasaran mereka untuk mengambil influencers bagi kebaikan jenama mereka. Statistik juga menunjukan betapa penting dan besarnya pengaruh seorang influencer untuk syarikat. Lebih-lebih lagi yang berkaitan dengan fesyen, e-commerce, dan juga travel. Syarikat ini juga menggunakan influencer untuk sebarkan jenamanya dan juga pelanggan mereka.

Pengguna online sentiasa diselubungi dengan periklanan-periklanan. Mereka sering mencari informasi yang benar dan boleh dipercayai. Selalunya, sumber-sumber informasi datang daripada review oleh influencer. Pengguna akan lebih mempercayai kata-kata seorang influencer daripada sebuah iklan.

Jadi, apa hubungan antara pemasaran melalui influencer dengan SEO?
Dengan menggunakan influencer, anda dapat menghasilkan trafik laman web, meningkatkan keterlihatan online anda dan juga meluaskan penyampaian content laman web anda.

Kebanyakan bisnes tidak lihat pulangan pelaburan mereka dalam pemasaran influencer ini. Hal ini kerana mereka tidak menyusun dan melaksanakan content sponsor dengan baik. Pemasaran anda akan gagal jika ia tidak mengikuti kehendak pengguna.

Untuk mendapatkan hasilan yang paling besar, anda patut mengambil influencer-influencer yang ada kaitan dengan pengguna sasaran anda. Backlinks-backlinks yang akan anda dapat daripada influencers ini akan memberi kuasa kepada Google dan meningkatkan usaha untuk SEO laman web anda.

4. BERT akan sentiasa digunakan

google bert 5db2b3a71e545 1024x538 - 5 Tren SEO 2020

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transfomers) membolehkan sesiapa untuk melatihkan sistem persoalan jawapan mereka. Ini adalah perubahan yang paling major Google telah melaksanakan dalam algoritma cariannya sejak RankBrain pada tahun 2014.

BERT akan memberi impak kepada satu daripada 10 persoalan. Pemasar SEO yang mengguna model BERT akan meningkatkan peluang mereka untuk mendapat ranking di halaman pertama untuk snipet khas di SERP Google.
BERT akan memberi impak yang paling besar kepada pertanyaan perbualan dimana preposisi “ke” dan “untuk” digunakan dalam maksud yang dicarikan di carian persoalan tersebut.

Untuk penjelasan, anda tidak boleh mengoptimumkan laman web anda untuk BERT semata. Google menggunakan BERT untuk memperbaiki pemahamannya terhadap bahasa semulajadi.

Tonton video ini untuk lebih lanjut:

Tetapi anda boleh mengoptimumkan untuk niat sebab carian pertanyaan kerana niat padanan ataupun intent matchiing adalah penting untuk mencipta content yang menarik.

Sebelum membuat satu copy, anda harus buat analisa sepuluh content ranking tertinggi yang dipaparkan di halaman pertama SERP untuk suatu kata kunci yang khusus. Adakah keputusan carian enjin tersebut penuh dengan maklumat, transaksional ataupun memberi hala tujuan yang tepat? Anda patut cipta content yang memenuhi kehendak pengguna mengikuti analisa yang telah anda lakukan.

5. Pengguna akan mahu pengalaman digital

Before 1024x447 - 5 Tren SEO 2020

44% company akan pindah ke digital-first approach untuk memperbaiki pengalaman pelanggan. Walaubagaimanapun 56% CEO pula berkata bahawa perbaikan menuju ke penigkatan pendapatan.

Kelajuan load suatu halaman laman web anda adalah satu faktor yang penting bagi ranking. Content yang hebat dan menarik tidak akan membawa apa-apa makna jika laman web anda tidak load dengan cepat atau anda interface pengguna anda terlalu rumit.

Bisnes yang berjaya akan memahami kewujudan hubungan long-term antara pelanggan dan pengguna bergantung kepada pengalaman mereka. Dan juga pengalaman pelanggan selalunya memberi kesan kepada ranking carian enjin. Hal ini kerana, hanya pengguna yang mendapat pengalaman yang bagus akan meluangkan lebih masa dalam laman web anda.

Anda patut fokus dan mementingkan pengalaman pengguna anda semasa mencari maklumat yang diperlukan. Mempermudahkan bagi mereka untuk ke langkah yang seterusnya.

Untuk memastikan pengalaman pengguna yang terbaik, anda perlu bayangkan diri anda sebagai seorang pengguna dahulu. Dengan ini, anda boleh mengenal pasti akan penyebab-penyebab yang memberi pengalaman yang buruk.

Elakkan daripada mengguna perkataan-perkataan yang susah untuk difahami. Kurang kejelasan juga akan menyebabkan peningkatan bounce rate dan impak negatif terhadap SEO laman web anda.


Bila anda sudah rasa hebat dan faham akan semua berkaitan dengan SEO, kemas kini algoritma berlaku. Kini, SEO adalah proses holistik yang memerlukan strategi pemasaran offline dan online untuk berjaya. Melaburlah dalam SEO sebagai strategi jangka panjang untuk generasi akan datang dan pastikan anda sentiasa mengikuti trend SEO yang paling terkini supaya tidak tertinggal.

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