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A Beginner’s Guide to Parenting

You’ve made it through pregnancy, labour, and childbirth, and now you’re prepared to take your baby home and start a family. However, after you get home, you may feel as if you have no clue what you’re doing!

These pointers can quickly make even the most apprehensive first-time parents feel confident in their ability to care for a newborn.

buy newborn baby supplies Malaysia - A Beginner's Guide to Parenting

Obtaining Assistance Following the Birth

Consider seeking assistance during this hectic and overwhelming period. Speak with the specialists in the area while you’re in the hospital. Many hospitals employ lactation consultants or feeding specialists who can assist you in starting to nurse or bottle-feed your baby. Nurses can also teach you how to properly carry, breastfeed, clean, and care for your newborn.

Get a baby nurse, postpartum doula, or a respectable neighbourhood teen to assist you for a short time after the birth for in-home help. Your doctor or hospital may be able to provide you with information regarding in-home assistance and may refer you to home health organisations.

Relatives and friends are frequently eager to assist. Don’t discount their experience just because you disagree with them on some points. However, if you don’t feel up to receiving visitors or have other worries, don’t feel bad about imposing restrictions on them.

Taking Care of a Newborn

The fragility of infants can be daunting if you’ve not spent much time around them. Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind:

  • Before handling your baby, wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer). As newborns lack a strong immune system, they are susceptible to illness. Make sure everyone who comes into contact with your kid has clean hands.
  • Support the head and neck of your child. Either carrying your infant, cradle the head and protect the head when holding a baby upright or laying your baby down.
  • Shaking might result in brain haemorrhage and possibly death. If you ever need to wake up your baby, don’t shake him; instead, tickle his feet or gently blow on his cheek.
  • Ascertain that your child is safely secured in the stroller, carrier, or car seat. Any action that could be overly rough or bouncy should be avoided.
  • Remember that rough play, like being jiggled on the thigh or thrown in the air, is not appropriate for your infant.

Soothing and bonding

Bonding, arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of newborn care, occurs during the critical initial hours and days following birth, when parents form a close bond with their child. Physical proximity can help to foster an emotional bond.

Attachment helps children develop emotionally, which has an impact on their growth in other areas, like physical growth. Bonding can also be described as “falling in love” with your child. Children benefit from experiencing a parent or even other adult in their lives who unconditionally loves them.

Begin bonding with your infant by cradling him or her and softly caressing him or her in various ways. You and your partner could also be “skin-to-skin” by holding your infant against your skin when nursing or caressing him or her.

Infant massage may have a positive effect on babies, specifically premature babies and those with medical issues. Some types of massage may help with newborn growth and development as well as bonding. Consult your doctor for advice on books and videos about infant massage. However, keep in mind that babies’ muscles aren’t as powerful as adults’, so stroke your baby gently.

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