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Everyone has heard of multimedia courses and see them advertised on many web pages, where it is also advertised that it is interactive, but is everything that is offered really multimedia and interactive?

bachelor in information technology - Bachelor Of Information Technology

By multimedia, you can understand any object or system that uses multiple means of expression (physical or digital) to present or communicate information, varied media ranging from text and images to animation, sound, video, etc. And by interactive, you can understand the communication process as a dialogue between the computer and the user. “Interactivity is similar to the level of response and is studied as a communication process in which each message is related to the previous one, and to the relationship between it and the preceding ones.

Therefore it is very easy to get a multimedia course because a text with images is already multimedia. And the same happens with interactivity, a button to advance and a test-type exercise, they are already making the user interact with the computer. But is that what the user is looking for? My opinion is that it is not. When you look for multimedia and interactive course, you are demanding a course where the elements that compose it facilitate the study and complement each other, and are perfectly arranged and programmed to carry out a guided and complete study. Whereby pressing buttons, displaying windows, listening to announcements, watching tutorials and watching videos, they explain the subject that you might be interested in.

This is why when people talk about multimedia and interactivity, the level of both concepts to which is referred should be specified.

The term ‘interactive multimedia’ refers to all those Widad courses systems that are currently used where, through various elements, user interaction with the contents is allowed in a different way, referring to the evolution that multimedia systems have undergone with the passing of years. If you are interested in this course but planning to take management, you can do that by applying for a diploma in secretarial management Malaysia at Widad College.

In its beginnings, it was simply a mode of presentation that could contain text images and sometimes sound; today the forms of use that can be applied to interactive multimedia have multiplied remarkably, as well as the objectives that can be achieved using these tools correctly and following an original and creative pattern. The higher the level of user interaction with the product that is available to them, the more positive the perception towards them will be.

Interactive multimedia

Multimedia is said to be interactive when the user has free control over the presentation of content, what they want to see and when.

It differs from linear presentation in that the user must necessarily view content in a predetermined order.

Hypermedia (navigation between media) can be considered as a special form of interactive multimedia that uses more complex navigation structures that increase the user’s control over the flow of information.

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