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How to Pass an Interview Without a Hitch

How to Pass an Interview Without a Hitch

Being jobless is quite tough. Even if you are still not a family man, but old enough to still ask support from your parents, you need to stand on your own two feet. Even if your parents are okay with the situation, that will not be their stand for long as they are growing old as well. Besides, you will also want to have your own family, for sure thus finding a job should be one of your immediate concerns. During the summer, you may even try to find for an internship. Sometimes, you might get a phone interview as well.

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When it comes to vacancies, you will surely find a lot of them online and offline. In fact, if you are in Malaysia, the choices will not give you a hard time. However, as there are also a lot of applicants, you have to show them that you are their best bet. You have to be ready in every face of the job-hiring process.

This article will give you some tips if you are now in the interview phase. This phase may seem exciting as this is where you can finally explain to them face to face, why they should hire you, but at the same time, this is also scary.

The reason is that you only have one shot at this. With the following tips, you should at least get some inspirations on how to do well in this stage. Check this out:

Have in-depth knowledge about the industry and the company

As mentioned, you will be with other applicants. Some might be as motivated and there are also those that are more motivated. Your goal here is to who to them you are the best among them. You have to be prepared to answer right on their every question. And for sure, they will ask you about the industry and their company. This will test how interested you are about becoming a part of this. And mind you, their questions might not be what you expected, so it is best to be well-rounded about the subjects.

Be ready for your selling points

Don’t appear in their front without knowing what you can offer. You should offer at least 5 or even more selling points or something they will benefit more if they choose you. Upon mentioning your selling points, they might test how knowledgeable you really are. Thus, be sure that you really excel with them. You have to answer them without a glitch and make them believe that what you are really a pro in them.

Imagine the possible questions they will throw at you

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Your goal would be to find the perfect person for the job. Note that there are more applicants than the job openings, thus they can indulge themselves at this time. What they will try to find is the weakness of each of their applicant or the reason why you will not be the right person. This is where you should also prepare a defence. Yes, in your mind, prepare an answer for this already so that their assumptions about you will fade.

Research for common interview questions

The good thing about job applicants these days is they have the entire net system to back them up. Yes, you can use this to your advantage so that you will appear well-versed in front of the interviewers. One thing you can do is to research the common interview questions. You should easily find them online and try to familiarize them. however, the thing is there about hundreds of them. So, just try to scan some of them and prepare for answers in your mind. The goal here is for you not to be surprised with the questions that might end you up stammering.

Prepare relevant questions as well about the industry and the company.

You should also ask questions of the interviewer to show how interested you are of the company. These questions should show your deep knowledge of the firm. Thus, it goes without saying that you should know if the answer given is correct or not. Of course, you can’t just blatantly say it is not correct. Rather, you can play with your words so that effect is still polite but will show your know-how!

Practice a lot!

The thing when it comes to interviews is, you can easily spill out whatever you want to say when the other party is someone you are familiar with like a friend or your family. However, that will not be the case when you are already in front of someone you want to impress. There is a chance that you might stammer and will go blank. This is why you need to practice a lot and think of your good points. You have to be confident about yourself as employers don’t want an employee who will easily cower when being talked by their superiors. Indeed, in this world, you have to find your spot. In fact, even if you are born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you should still need to earn on your own. Your parents will not be with you all the time, so you have to stand on your own two feet.

The tips mentioned above are just some suggestions. You can also get hints from them if you don’t really want to literally follow each of them.

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