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Property Solutions In the Right Path Now

Never buy a property based on your emotions. After all, the fact that you would like to move into the building yourself is not a good basis for your investment. Transform your emotions into rational considerations based on measurable criteria. What are these criteria? Important things to take into account are location, occupancy rate and added value potential.

Work with a reliable partner

Investing in real estate is quite something special. Your own market with some specifics and many things that can influence the success (or failure) of your investment. Just think of some legal or tax aspects associated with a real estate investment. Ask an expert for advice, in addition to professional information, an advisor will also advise you on financing, taxation and possible resale.

So someone who guides you in investing in real estate is invaluable. Ask a real estate agent to seize the opportunities that present themselves in the market and avoid the pitfalls.

Also consider the alternatives

Buying real estate is one thing, buying real estate up to thirty percent cheaper is another. Thanks to ground lease you do not buy the land, only the building, which means that the purchase price is lower. The annual leasehold fee is also tax deductible. Always check whether ground lease is possible. For selayang apartment you can have the perfect choice.

Do not worry, real estate has already proven its strength

It may be that the value of selayang apartment for sale at a certain point in time increases less quickly than before. Anyone who then reacts emotionally and sells headlong is doing bad business. It is better to wait a while, because history proves that real estate always increases in value in percentage terms, not least in the long term. 

The location of the property within the city

What rules the municipality has set regarding renting out, splitting a home and what permits may be required.


Smart investing starts with good preparation. When you know how to find an interesting location and a good partner to invest in real estate, you are already halfway through. Those who invest smartly do not invest all the money in one project, but think of risk spreading under the saying “do not put all your eggs in the same basket”. Take advantage of leverage when you only have a small budget to invest. It is advisable to call on a real estate expert to delve into the details of the leverage effect, after all, it involves a large amount.

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