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SEO and Brand Awareness

In this day and age, it is common that most if not all that can be moved online have done so. To put it simply, many of the daily activities that once required us to be physically present can now be done online. For instance, shopping that once required us to go to the grocery stores or shopping malls can now be done through online shopping platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. 

Businesses have chosen to shift their focus from traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing strategies to ensure the continuation of their businesses. They use tools like SEO to help increase brand awareness. And while we are on the topic of branding and the works, did you know that social media is one platform that helps increase SEO results that impact your brand awareness? They are all interrelated. So how does SEO impact brand awareness?

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Generate Leads

To begin with, search engine optimization helps by generating leads for a business. This means that more people would be paying attention to your company and your brand. How this is done so is that digital marketers would make the blogs or articles written by them more accessible to the public. To put it simply, when others go online and search up something related to business, say a product or service, your business that has SEO incorporated into its digital marketing would have higher chances of appearing on people’s search engine compared to that of your competitors who might not be utilising SEO. 

Doing so ensures that the articles written for your businesses would have a higher probability of generating more leads, hence, bringing more attention to it. This directly impacts your brand awareness as people are becoming more and more aware of the existence of your brand. And who knows, they could like your brand so much that they share it with other people. This is where social media comes in. As opposed to the traditional methods of talking and explaining in person, people find it easier to share what they wish to through social media. Hence, social media becomes a tool that is used to increase your brand awareness, albeit indirectly. 


So how is it that SEO can help you generate more leads? One way that digital marketers do this is by including specified keywords in the articles written by them. These keywords are related to the company’s business either through the products or services that are being sold. Usually what is done is that the keywords are highlighted and tagged, after which will be programmed into the search engines optimization. Then SEO will help customers by making their searches easier. Since the keywords have been saved, you can search up those keywords and your business’s articles will pop up. An added bonus is that SEO is able to make your articles specified and customised in a way that will help draw more attention to it. Thus, this increases your company’s brand awareness.

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