Walking smartphone users - Social Media Taking Over The Internet

Social Media Taking Over The Internet

With the development of technology recently, it has changed the lifestyle of many people and shifted social norms that were once frowned upon. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world, most citizens are stuck at home with nothing to do while working citizens are either working from home with lesser salary than usual or let go by their companies. With the help of social media, citizens who are stuck at home are able to keep themselves entertained are able to request help from others when they are not able to adapt to the new lifestyle.

In this modern era of technology, social media and marketing in Malaysia goes hand-in-hand. With the current state of the world and the threat of coronavirus becoming more prevalent, many people are stuck at home and browsing through their social media platforms to pass the time, hoping that the pandemic is over soon. As they spend more time on social media, more advertisements are popping into their feeds to entice them into buying their products. Depending on what the users have searched on Google, the algorithm picks up their most recent searches and shows them advertisements based on recent activities. Because of this algorithm, every company is using the internet to advertise their products to generate more brand awareness. Think about it, why do you think that there are so many McDonald advertisements in almost every Youtube video you watch?

In some countries, they have a different approach on marketing in social media. Take Japan for example, they developed LINE and it is still the most used and popular messaging app in the country with 85% active users every day. Although it functions similarly to other messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, LINE stands out for having more uses than messaging. Apart from using animated and anime stickers, LINE monetization fan-made stickers of any kind as long as it doesn’t go against their policy. Since anime is very popular in Japan, there are a lot of fan-made stickers of popular anime series that LINE users can buy at a small price. Besides that, Japan is known to be a reserve and introverted country which results in Facebook being one of the least used social media apps in the country. Despite that, Japanese social media users would use Pixiv and Twitter to browse and post art-related content as the former is developed by Japan as well while they use Twitter to communicate and browse through content instead.

Overall, social media has different uniquenesses depending on where you live. Even though TikTok is popular around the world, most social media users hate it because of cringe-worthy and unoriginal content that can be found in it although there are some diamonds in the rough and has become popular memes throughout the internet. Although it functions similarly to Instagram, it allows more creative freedom for their users to generate content with unique features that other social media applications do not have. Nevertheless, social media platforms help to shape our community and shift social norms to help use diversify our culture.

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