Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 2

In my last article, I gave you a few tips on how to introduce sex to your kids. Today, I’ll be continuing with my tips. Be sure to check out Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 1 right here. Also, don’t forget to browse through Secret Cherry’s selection of sex toys to spice up your marriage right here:

Let’s Your Children Know You have Sex

Alright, let me explain this before you get grossed out. You don’t need to let your kids see you have sex, they just need to be aware that mommy and daddy have sex. You could start with being intimate with your partner in front of your kids. Small things like touching, kissing and make-out sessions are fine. Everything else should be done in the privacy of your rooms. Tell your kids that you need alone time or that they should be in their rooms by a certain time. This gives them a practical idea of what sex is and gives a general direction of where these things go. By the time they are grown enough to have sex themselves, they will have a good grasp of what sex is. This also allows them to know that sex is something that is regular and normal among couples. It teaches them that marriage is not the end of sex. 

Don’t Avoid Questions About Sex

Okay, now that you have made the presence of sex known to your kids, it’s time to answer the questions. Humans are beings filled with curiosity, kids more so than adults. So don’t be surprised when you get bombarded by questions regarding sex from your kids. So what do you do? Well, there’s only one thing to do, and that is to answer them. Be honest, but also modest at the same time. There’s no need to scare them with the gory details. 

Talk about sex, puberty and embracing one’s sexuality like it’s a normal issue. This will help children realize that sex is not a taboo topic and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. This will also allow children to be brave enough to come to you should they have any questions. By keeping it natural, you will be able to give the impression that everything is normal, which in hindsight, it is. 

Talk About The Dangers Of Sex

Now, that your kids have a good grasp of what sex is and how sex works, it’s time to face the dark side of sex. I’m talking about the dangers that one may face when having sex. Probably the most obvious danger is pregnancy. Now, I’m not saying getting pregnant is bad, but I’m pretty sure no parent wants their children to be pregnant at the age of 14. You must inform your children that having sex is what leads to pregnancy and that they should avoid having sex until they are ready or they should opt to use protection.

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Another topic you must talk about is STIs, also known as sexually transmitted infections. And I personally feel that this is a topic that must be addressed because the reality is that even adults are not protected in this manner. Many tend to have sex without protection thinking that it only prevents pregnancy. The reality is that condoms prevent STIs too, not just pregnancy. By teaching your kids about proper protection, they will be able to shield themselves from the impending pain should they catch an STI. 

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