The Best Fibre Home Broadband Malaysia

With the arrival of Time Internet in The country, the generous offers for mobile internet have been heavily cleared through customs. We have now come to more and more full-bodied proposals that allow 50 gig traffic with 4G and with the even faster 4G +. The use of the fibre home broadband malaysia happens to be essential here and can be accessed through

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In recent weeks there has been a real boom in this sense

  • We want to take stock of the situation today. Could the mobile phone with hotspot be a good alternative to the internet connection at home?
  • Do any of you use your smartphone by giving up your home connection?

We would like to point out immediately that many of these offers are not for all customers, but only for some that come from certain operators. For the moment, it must be specified, only Time Internet  is marketing offers open to all without distinction in the manager of origin. But let’s go ahead and look at what are the best proposals currently on the market for frequent users of mobile hotspots.

  • In recent months with the Time Internet offer in particular, many have asked the question whether in some way, using the Time Internet sim as a wifi hotspot , it is possible to replace it with the fiber on the home phone with an obvious economic saving.
  • Although it is not possible for us to quantify them numerically, several users, even on our community dedicated to Time Internet  , have somehow organized themselves, for example with a 4G router that are back in a certain sense of fashion, to try the Time Internet  connection also at home, or maybe in the office for those who can. And there was no lack of more than positive opinions.

In fact, several users under the 4G network enthusiastically commented on the low latency and a respectable connection speed, if not like a fiber, certainly like a 20 or even a 30 Mega.

There is an increasing need to work from home and therefore to have connectivity solutions for smart working in one’s home.

Sim Time Internet  instead of fiber at home?

Many of us at home need the fast connection whether it is fiber or mixed fiber or the now traditional 20Mega. If only because the internet connection is now used on different devices, even at the same time: not only PC, smartphone or tablet but also the TV with various decoders connected to the wifi.

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