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The Effects of Sex Toys on Relationships

The popularity of adult toys has increased during the past decade. According to research, the taboos around vibrators and other gadgets designed to boost individual or mutual pleasure are melting as more people (and couples) turn to a far more intimate sort of technology

Physical pleasure boosts sexual pleasure without a doubt. But, how does the use of sex toys affect the overall enjoyment that both parties have from their relationship? The results of some new studies into the prevalence and demographics of sex toy use shed light on this subject, indicating that pleasure in bed and enjoyment in a relationship may differ slightly depending on partners’ gender.

However, some heterosexual males who have used vibrators with their partners (either because their partner suggested it or because they naturally believed it would improve their partner’s enjoyment of sex) may have felt that needing to use one reflected badly on their own sexual ability. It would make sense if their sexual satisfaction remained low if this was the case. (No one wants to feel bad about themselves in bed.)

This isn’t to argue that every male who uses a vibrator with a partner faces feelings of inferiority or dissatisfaction. Other research has revealed that males who use vibrators on a regular basis (on themselves, their partners, or both) had better erectile function, orgasm function, sexual desire, and sexual pleasure than men who use vibrators infrequently or never.

Males who identify as gay or bisexual are more likely to use vibrators and other sex toys than men who identify as straight, according to the same study. This finding was supported by a 2012 study led by Joshua G. Rosenberger, Ph.D.

Women have been shown to use sex toys more frequently than guys who do not identify as completely straight. While 53% of heterosexual women say they’ve used a sex toy, 86 percent of women who have sex with other women say they’ve used one — and reported an increase in sexual satisfaction as a result.

In general, couples who can experiment with new ways of being intimate, such as trying out one or more sex toys, do better in terms of sustaining passion and desire (along with relationship pleasure) over time. Women and men who were satisfied with their relationship and the sex they had with their partners were more likely to report using sex toys together, in addition to other activities like taking a shower together, trying new positions in bed, and scheduling a date night to have sex, according to a 2016 study.

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Positive communication in the context of sex toys implies that partners who feel threatened can open up about their fears, feel heard and validated, and receive reassurance from their partners that their desire to use a sex toy is not a comment on their virility, desirability, or sexual ability. Similarly, a partner who wants to use a sex toy should be allowed to express his or her desire without being ridiculed, shamed, or otherwise pushed away. It’s possible that being able to talk honestly with one’s partner and feeling accepted for one’s sexual preferences and pleasures boosts contentment.

Secret Cherry’s best sex toys can help anyone who is open to and respectful of their own and their partner’s inclinations and boundaries improve their relationship and sexual enjoyment. Most people can learn to absorb new aspects into their repertoire rather than being resistant if they establish a spirit of openness and non-judgment. Dispelling misunderstandings regarding sex toy use might be as simple as talking about your partner’s resistance. And a little education never hurts. For example, the fact that most women do not orgasm solely through the penile/vaginal area should be sufficient reason to purchase a sex toy.

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