a3 - What Do Most Passengers Expect For Their Flight?

What Do Most Passengers Expect For Their Flight?

Passengers generally rate their satisfaction based on their own experiences. Some of the low levels of passenger satisfaction are indeed caused by unfair treatment, but the majority are caused by a lack of understanding of the industry norms and a lack of life experiences to make a judgement in their favor.

In actuality, the flight service process actually starts with the purchase of the ticket and proceeds to the ground service at the airport, then to the air service. Any problems in any part of the process will lead to the passenger being dissatisfied with the service.

Airlines are increasingly demanding and are paying more and more attention to airline service etiquette, as it represents not only professional service but also a country’s culture of quality. Airlines must follow a certain code of conduct when interacting with passengers during flights, which is called the airline service etiquette. Airlines require all of their staff to act with professionalism, and this extends to the passengers they serve in the cabin.

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Providing comfortable and considerate airline service reflects the respect of staff toward passengers reflected in airline service etiquette. Combining aviation service etiquette with the service work of various flight tasks will not only better serve passengers and alleviate their discomfort and fear during the flight, but also enhance the quality of the flight attendants themselves and help promote the personalisation and quality of flight services, thus improving the service quality of the cabin, the service grade of the airline in the hearts of passengers and the satisfaction of passengers with the airline’s services. Having a good reputation in society will help the airline to attract a large number of customers, which will lead to economic benefits. 

Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia provides customers with a warm and attentive service that will make them feel at home and improve the quality of their duties along the way. Customer service is Aviation Consultation Services Malaysia’s core strength. The service attitude will be perfect only if the staff has the stamina to go above and beyond the ordinary. This is also a form of invisible promotion for the airline, as well as an opportunity to enhance its social reputation and attract a large audience. The right meaning of sharing is to share input and harvest, which is applicable to all walks of life. For airline enterprises to improve their internal and external quality of employees, human and financial resources need to be invested, which in turn will lead to better employee productivity and economic benefits for the airline. 

The airline’s product is a transport service, which is the process of transporting passengers or goods from the starting point to the end point. Passengers have their own feelings at every step from the purchase of this product to the completion of consumption, so the quality of service is reflected in the entire service process, in which the airline must not only fulfil the agreed basic business obligations, but also make passengers feel comfortable and satisfied, which is the goal of service quality work.

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