What Online Games Really Is and Does It Do Online 

Online games are video games that are either partially or primarily played over the Internet or any other available computer network. Online games are becoming more popular, famous and widespread on modern gaming platforms and gadgets, from the screens including PCs, consoles and mobile devices. Online game design ranges from simple text -based environments to a combination of complex graphics and virtual worlds. The existence of an online component in a game can consist of small features, such as an online leaderboard, to be part of the core game, such as playing directly against other players. Many online games create their own online communities while other games, especially social games integrate real life communities of existing players.

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What Online Gaming Brings You and The Effects 

Online gaming culture often faces criticism as a result of environments that can promote cyberbullying, violence, and xenophobia. There are also those who are concerned about game addiction or social stigma. Online games have attracted players of all ages. Online game content can also be studied in scientific fields, especially ‘gamer’ interactions in virtual society related to behaviors and social phenomena of everyday life. It has been noted that players in online games are strangers to each other and have limited communication. Online games also have problems that cannot be played permanently.

Video Game Addiction and Effects

Video game addiction is a condition in which mental health is significantly affected by millions of people around the world. The World Health Organization recognizes it as a “Gaming Disorder” in their International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as “a persistent or repetitive pattern of gaming behavior, which may be online or offline, indicated by impaired control over gaming, increases preference to gambling as far as games are more important than other life interests and daily activities and the continuity or improvement of games despite negative consequences. ”While billions of people play video games, the majority of them are not addicted, and the World Health Organization estimates the number of those struggling with addiction is 3- 4%.

Example of The Video Game Genres Available Online 

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One of the fastest growing video game genres is the Multiplayer Online RPG, or MMORPG. MMORPGs are available in the RPG (Role playing game) genre where players control and manage the abilities and abilities of the character following the story plot such as Valorant video games, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Fifa 21, World of Warcraft and lots more games available.

History of Gaming

Online gaming has an intriguing history as well. Personal computers (PCs) and video game consoles such as the Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox fight intensely for video game mediums. All of that changed in 2009, when the Angry Birds game was released for iOS devices. Since then, the video game market has been divided into three segments: PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. 

The message to be conveyed is that the video game industry will continue to grow. Video games are not only proving lucrative profits for those who are good at reaping income from this industry. More than that, video games are actually capable of making us better, civilized and professional human beings. Online casino in Malaysia have also gained players.

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