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Why A Student Needs To Have Their Own Online Portfolio

After finishing your studies at college or any university, you will go out there and find your dream job to be hired. As we all know, the recent pandemic covid-19 has made job seekers going through a lot of hardship while finding their dream job. In helping you seek your dream job out there, an online portfolio will be helping you in getting you to be hired by your dream job. Actually, there are a lot of people who still think this is a small matter. You need to prepare a lot of things before actually finding your dream job. You need to provide an online portfolio to the company you are going to the interview with because you can tell almost everything about you there. There are a lot of advantages to building your own online portfolio. As has been mentioned just now, an online portfolio helps the company know you more than what you put in your resume. From developing your own digital portfolio, you can learn something new from there and maybe if you are lucky enough, you can win web design awards Malaysia in the future. You can also be listed into top 5 web design companies malaysia or top 10 web design companies malaysia if you are lucky enough.

Here are some of the benefits in building your own online portfolio. 

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  1. A place to keep your works. 

Asides from keeping all of your works in your laptop hard disk or in the online drive, you also keep all of your works in your online portfolio. Besides making the online portfolio is one of the places to keep all of your past work, you also can see your growth and progress while looking into your own online portfolio. That is why an online portfolio seems to be one of the best places to keep your works because not only is it a repository of all your past work, you also get to see your own growth in the meantime. Every single time you open it, you will always see all of your pass work. You also can compare your past work with the latest one. It surely make the company you want to interview with see something in you. 

  1. You can tell almost everything in the online portfolio

As has been mentioned up there, there no limitation in putting anything in your online portfolio. The resume also has the limitation where you just need to put the important things only on it but it not the case for the online portfolio. You can put almost everything you need to put in order to make the company you applied to work for will take you in. You also have read just now, the online portfolio can be a places for you to store all of your past work. That is why the online portfolio is the best things for you to give to the company you want to applied for asides the usual resume. 

Last but not least, there are a lot another benefits for you and the company if you working on developing your own digital portfolio. It also show to the people that you can make something unusual from anyone else. So, always try to make something else and put all of your effort in making one. 

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