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How To Save Your Kitchen Space

The first time you are buying it might not be the biggest spacious house ever, it might be a small apartment that feels homey. Well, it doesn’t really matter the space of your home as long as you know how to decorate it, your kitchen can look spacious and big. 

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A kitchen is a must in your home, that is where you will cook all of the home food that will be the comfort food for you and your family or your partner. You will want a kitchen that can be the reflection of your character. Nowadays, having a small kitchen will not be a problem for you if you want to decorate your kitchen. There are many space-saving hacks that they can read and get ideas from. Here are some hacks you can take note of to make your kitchen look extra spacious.

Built-in cabinets

Having a small kitchen might not be a great idea for you if you want to have a kitchen counter and also a dining table. So to save up space in your kitchen, having a built-in cabinet on your wall can save plenty of space. With the built-in cabinets, you can put in stuff like your pan and also your fancy plates. Other than saving space, these cabinets will make your kitchen look modern, and more open lighting will be able to get in your kitchen. 

Overdoor hooks 

Having kitchen towels laying everywhere can make your kitchen looks messy and unorganized, to keep this from happening you can use an overdoor hook and put it on your cabinet’s door. With this, your kitchen will look more structured and organized. Furthermore, you will be saving your wall condition by not having to make a hole in it, I bet your tenant will be really thankful for that. 

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You are washing the dishes but your partner is doing the laundry, the water pressure is slow due to much usage in the house. To ease things up you can install gi pipe fittings Malaysia in your pipe to be able to use your water in different places without worrying about the water pressure. This is the solution you need to avoid that unnecessary couple fight with your partner. 

Tiered trolley 

A small kitchen means you have a limited space to put all of your kitchen cooking ware, that is why you need a tiered trolley in your kitchen. To put all of the necessary things you need while cooking. Besides that, you can move this trolley easily so it will be really easy for you to use it and store it anyway to save space in your kitchen. 

A kitchen should be a place where you can learn and experiment with something new every day. Who knows that lasagna recipe you are trying to make will soon be your significant recipe. Nothing will ever beat a home cook meal and a kitchen is where you start. You don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to cook as long as you are pouring your hard work and love, you will be able to make that dish. 

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